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Barrhead Walkie Talkie Volkssport Club
Celebrates Twenty-five Years, 2013

Introductory note:

The first volksmarch in Alberta was held in Barrhead June 8 and 9, 1985. The dates were chosen because the Town held Bonanza Days June 7-8.  This event was co-sponsored by the Midnight Twilight Tourist Association and the Barrhead Chamber of Commerce as volkssport clubs in Alberta had not been formed yet.

  • The Barrhead Walkie Talkie Volkssport Club was formed April or May, 1988. Doreen Lawrence was the club’s first president, serving until 1999. Other early club members included Milton Lawrence, Barb Philips, Frank Kristel, John Punko, Bessie Kuhn and Edie Proft.
  • A co-sponsored walk to the geographic Center of Alberta was held in 1989 when an adult-sized beaver mascot welcomed us.
  • The club sponsored the June 23rd 1990, 10 and 20 km walks in Barrhead with a commemorative medallion depicting the tiger lily.  Free pancake and sausage breakfast was provided for a starter. This annual event continued until 1997.
  • Also on June 23 & 24, 1990, the club sponsored the Swan Hills 10 and 20 km walks. The award medallion featured a grizzly bear and this June event continued until 1994.
  • During the 1990s, cross-country ski events were sponsored by the Walkie Talkie club at Swan Hills and Thunder Lake Provincial Park.
  • In 1992-93, the club was involved in constructing a walking trail along the ravine in Barrhead.  The trail included park benches, signs, bird watching opportunities and at the conclusion of setting up the trail, a celebratory banquet was held.
  • The Center of Alberta event in 1995 was now co-sponsored with the Grizzly Trail Association.  Lunch included cake shared with raiding Whiskey Jacks.
  • The Barrhead annual walk was held at Thunder Lake, June 6, 1998 (and continues there where the club’s 25th Anniversary was celebrated this year).  The afternoon walk, held at the Center of Alberta and beginning at the Center of Alberta sign, was now sponsored by the club only, Jeff and Margaret Attrill as the contacts.
  • Doreen Lawrence stepped down as club president in 1999 to be replaced by Margaret Attrill.

  • The Barrhead YRE was added to the VAA Event Calendar for 2001.
  • During the early 2000s, and continuing to this day,  summer bush walks, which are weekly evening walks in a variety of interesting locations, were organized for club members and friends.

  • A guided walk in Westlock was added to the Barrhead annual events in June 2001, taking place on the following Sunday morning. From 2002-2006, the Westlock walk was held on the Sunday afternoon.

  • First club sponsored events at Horse Creek Ranch, were held June 18 – 20, 2004. This was our introduction to; a camp setting with a variety of walking events; to Tommy, the donkey leader with guides, Fred and Janice Godberson; to the Klondike Trail with cabin and a child’s grave site; to the Canadian horses and a wagon ride for some, bringing us a picnic in the woods; to so much food, evening entertainment and fun.
  • The last Geographical Center of Alberta walk was held in 2005.  The walking trail had become impassable due to ATV usage.
  • The club introduced group walks during Octobers in the mid 2000s at the Holmes Crossing Sandhills Ecological Reserve which featured interesting unique dunes and little lakes.

  • For 2006 until now, the Barrhead annual June event day consists of Thunder Lake in the morning and Westlock in the afternoon, with a much anticipated lunch of hot dogs and refreshments in between.

  • June 23-25, 2006. The popular “Horsin’ Around at Horse Creek Ranch” is back to continue every two years.

  • June 23, 2007.  Two new events are introduced. The Klondike Trail and Elks Beach events, with a delightful open fire wiener roast at noon, continues to be held alternate years between the Horse Creek Ranch weekends. 

  • June 25-27, 2010.  The Barrhead  “Horsin’ Around at Horse Creek Ranch” is also the setting for celebrating 25 years of volkssport in Alberta.

  • June 2, 2013.  The Barrhead Walkie Talkie Volkssport Club celebrates 25 Years at the Thunder Lake Event. Bright yellow/gold club t-shirts were presented to participants. An anniversary cake topped off a hamburger lunch following the morning walk through wooded trails and along the scenic lake shore on a beautiful day.

Congratulations, Barrhead Club!

 Walk for Fun, Fitness, and Friendship