Volkssport Alberta Contact Information

Volkssport Alberta helps existing clubs when needed, attempts to establish new clubs and sets up and operates walks in locations where there are not clubs. It is also responsible for creating the provincial calendar.  Directions to the walks are in the calendar which is printed annually. Feel free to contact us to answer any questions you may have.

  • Volkssport Association of Alberta
  • Box 131, 3 – 11 Bellerose Drive
  • St Albert, AB T8N 5C9 


Sharon Tchir
780-340-5769; sdtchir@me.com

1st Vice President: 
Denise Wallbank
403-487-3336; dwallban@hotmail.com

2nd Vice President: 
Bob Duncan
780-963-4145; duncanra@shaw.ca 

Barrhead Walkie Talkie Volkssport Director: 
Margaret Attrill
780-674-4403; mjattrill@hotmail.com

Chinook Country Pacers Director: 
Sherri McDonald
403-653-3824; templehaven@shaw.ca

Devon Discovery Walkers Director:  
Bob Duncan
see 2nd Vice President, above

Northern Lights Walking Club Director:
David Hall
780-951-2882; davidhall@live.ca

St Albert Trekkers Director:  
Kathleen Parr
780-998-1033; walksalot2@shaw.ca

Volkssport Club of Central Alberta Director:
Sheila Klein
403-887-4474; vwcaclub@gmail.com

Volkssport Club of Medicine Hat Director: 
Denise Wallbank
see 1st Vice President, above


The President and both Vice Presidents, above, also belong to this committee

Past President
Glenda Palmer
780-982-8971; glendafpalmer@gmail.com

Lorna Allen
780-458-2799; lcba49@gmail.com

Gerry Vercammen
780-499-4958; gerryipa@telus.net


AB Materials Manager: 
Richard Parr
780-998-1033; walksalot@shaw.ca

AB Sanction Coordinator: 
Richard Parr
see AB Materials Manager, above

Advertising & Publicity Coordinator: 
David Hall
see Northern Lights Director, above

Event Calendar Editor: 
Denise Wallbank
see 1st Vice President, above 

Booklet Publisher: 
Irene Miller
780-462-0726; irene.miller1@shaw.ca

Events Coordinator: 
Sharon Tchir
see President, above

Fundraising Coordinator:  
Gerry Vercammen
780-499-4958; gerryipa@telus.net

Myrna O’Neil
780-459-7836; oneildb@shaw.ca

Newsletter Editor: 
Margaret Lyall

Nominating Committee Chair:
Glenda Palmer
see Past President, above

VAA Merchandise Sales Coordinator: 
Sharon Tchir
see President, above

Website Manager: 
Kathleen Parr
see St Albert Director, above

Website Manager: 
Sherry Nixey
780-460-8297; sherry.nixey@icloud.com

Website Manager: 
Tracey Pandachuk

Ursula Tauscher