We hope to answer all the questions you might have in this section. If your question isn’t answered go to “Contact the VAA” and email or call us with your question.


Why do I have to sign a waiver?
A waiver is an insurance waiver absolving us of liability if you are hurt on the walk. Everyone must submit one before they start the walk whether you participate in the award program or not. (There is an option with some clubs/areas to sign an annual Regional Waiver so you only have to sign at the first walk you do in that area that year)

Can I go to other club walks and get credit in my achievement books ?
 Yes, you can participate in any IVV event around the world. Information on these walks is available from your club president. Also check out the “Affiliations” section on this web site

What is the cost of the walks?
Clubs within Alberta charge $2.00 for event walks and PTs. Your first five walks are always free. Some clubs have an option to pay a flat fee for all their walks for the year.

What does PT  mean?(Known as YRE in the USA)
PT means Permanent Trail. They are self guided walks that have been set up in various locations throughout the province of Alberta, Canada and other IVV countries. Some PTs are only open on a seasonal basis, so check the dates before setting out to do them. The routes should only be walked between dawn and dusk for safety, if they are designated “Online Registrations” download the Online Registration Form and walk instructions from this website to register. Be sure you sign the waiver on the registration form before you begin your walk. You complete the route following the written directions/map at your own pace. PTs are a great way to see the area. They are also done as a group walk, check scheduled walks on this website or with a local club to see if they have any scheduled.

What is a Guided Walk (GW)?
Participants meet at a specified place and all start at the same registration time. A member or two of the host club usually leads the group. A set of written directions may also be provided. 

What is a Map Walk (MW)?
Participants meet at a  specified place and all start at the same registration time. Maps and/or written directions are provided and volkssporters proceed along the route at their own pace.

What is a Volksmarch (VM)?
Generally the event has a longer registration time so not everyone starts at once. The route is either marked and/or directions are provided and participants proceed along the route at their own pace making sure they are back before the registration desk closes. 

How do I pay for the walks?
You can pay cash in person at all walk registrations or some clubs charge an annual flat rate fee (a great option if you plan on doing their walks often) check directly with the club. For Online Registration you can pay by mail or E Transfer, as indicated on the Online Registration Form.

Why should I join a club?
The motto of Volkssporting is “FUN, FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP” in a non-competitive atmosphere. Joining a club is a great way to stay fit and healthy or just to meet new friends. Clubs also keep in touch with their members via email to let them know what walks are planned.

What does Rating mean under the description?
The following two-part rating system was designed to indicate to walkers an estimation of the difficulty of a trail for a CVF-sanctioned walk in Canada. The sponsoring club decides what rating to assign the trail(s).

1 – very little hill or stair climbing
2 – some moderate hill or stair climbing
3 – some significant hill or stair climbing
4 – a good deal of significant hill or stair
5 – many steep hills or high altitude trails
Rated 1A
A – almost entirely on pavement, probably
suitable for baby strollers
B – a significant part of the walk takes place
on well-groomed trails with very little more
difficult terrain
C – a significant part of the walk takes place
on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky, rooted
D – a significant part of the walk takes
place on very difficult terrain
E – the majority of the walk takes place
on very difficult terrain
Rated 5E


What are those books being sold at the walks?
The IVV Individual Achievement Award Program was introduced to encourage participation in non-competitive sports events under the rules and regulations of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV). There are two categories of awards DISTANCE WALKED and EVENTS COMPLETED. Having a record of your achievements adds greatly to the experience, encouraging you to meet personal goals. The first books are given out for free in Alberta once the ‘Five Free Stamp Sheet’ is completed.

What are distance books?
Distance books are to record the kilometres you have walked. Route distances can range from 5 to 42 km marathons or even longer walks. Every walk that you do can be recorded in the book every time you walk, even if it is a walk you have done before.

What are event books?
Event books are to record the events that you participated in. Event walks can only be recorded once unless it is a PT in which case it can be recorded twice in the year. 

Is participation in the award program free?
No, to participate you must purchase record books and pay a registration fee at each event. New walkers are entitled to a “Five Free Stamp Sheet” which is later attached to a record book. 

Where can I buy these books?
Books can be purchased at most walks. Ask the person in charge if books are available to purchase. Books cost $5 each. In Alberta, the first Event and Distance book are also supplied free. Check with the person in charge of the walk to see if they are available. All club Presidents in Alberta should have a supply.

What do I do when the books are full?
When the first book is full, which is 10 stamps for the first Event book and 500 km. in the Distance book, the books are sent to the Awards Coordinator. When all the stamps are verified, the books will be returned with a “Passport” and certificate. You must purchase another Event and Distance book to carry on with the program.

Where do I send my completed books?
CVF Office
204 Leather Leaf Terrace
Ottawa, ON K2J 5Z7

Where can I find out more about these books?
You can read the instructions on the back of the books or talk to the club President. Visit www.walks.ca for guidelines on submitting your books and what to do if you make a mistake or lose your books.

What if I run out of room in my book before I complete the level?
If you do a large number of shorter distance walks you can run out of space in the Distance Book. If this occurs an Insert sheet can be used for a few walks or a larger “Extra Distance Sheet” can be obtained from your club.


What locations do I need to complete Walk Alberta?
The list that is in the Walk Alberta Card that you are using is what is required to complete the program. Any places that are listed in your card that no longer have a walk can be crossed off.
Either PTs or regular events can be used in this card. For details on how to join the program check out the Special Programs tab on this website.

What is the Alberta Challenge Program. 
Only PTs qualify for this program. Level one requires the completion of 20 Permanent Trail events. The 3 subsequent levels require 10 additional PTs each. PT numbers can only appear once on the card. For details on how to join the program check out the Special Programs tab on this website.