Volkssport Association of Alberta History

The first registered volkssport club in Alberta is listed as the Midnight Twilight Tourist Association

MTTA Region

(MTTA). St. Albert, AB est. 1985, IVV 4010/85.  (Note the registration under IVV) The MTTA promoted Zone 14, North Central Alberta, see map on right.  Travel Alberta funded these activities from 1985 – 1989 with the understanding that local clubs would be formed to take over events and funding.

After the Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) was established in 1986, this listing is recorded as Midnight Twilight Tourist Association. St. Albert, AB est. 1985 CVF-007.

An application with Bylaw submission for the VAA was signed January 17, 1986 with the Certificate of Incorporation under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta dated January 21, 1986.

First recorded VAA Executive:

President – Charles Godberson
Vice-President – Rick Shaw
Secretary – David Phillips
Treasurer – Carol Sommer

Other founding members included Jock Archer, President of the MTTA in 1985.


Word “volkssport” first mentioned at a MTTA meeting.
MTTA received a $5000 grant to promote volkssport in Alberta
First sanctioned walks in Alberta.
12 weekend events of 10 and 20 km each weekend. 
First walk in Barrhead in June 8 and 9
12 Weekend Events 
VAA incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act, January 21
1986 – 89
Dr. Charles Godberson is the first VAA President.
Clubs founded: Cold Lake Tri-Town Wandering Club, Rocky Mountain House Volksmarchers, Wetaskiwin Volksmarch Club
27 Events held in Alberta 
CVF AGM, (Second Annual) held in St Albert hosted by the VAA with the help of the Trekkers.
VAA begins raising funds by working Casinos at the St. Albert Inn.
  Clubs founded: Barrhead Walkie Talkie Volksmarch Club, Camrose Clickers, St Albert Trekkers Volkssmarch Club.
27 events held in Albert including the first Mountain Majesty in Kananaskis.
Club founded: Innisfail Volkssport Association
Club folded: Rocky Mountain House Volksmarchers
President – Jim MacDonnell
Phillips trophy created; a farewell gift to David Phillips in recognition of his work in establishing volkssport in Alberta. 
(see listing of recipients)
The Event Calendar was produced by the VAA for the first time so it now included the entire province.
27 annual events, including 7 sanctioned volksski events, sponsored by the MTTA. First Year Round Event (YRE) (name changed to Permanent Trail (PT) in 2015) set up in province by the St Albert Trekkers.
Clubs founded: Gibbons Biped Locomotors, Millet Volkssport Club
President – Bill Hughes
Club founded: Buffalo Lake Volkssport Club 
35 Events, including 5 bikes and 2 swims. 5 PT
First record of VAA AGM being held
Clubs founded: Devon Discovery Walkers, Wainwright Walkers 
VAA AGM held in Wetaskiwin  hosted by that Club
First marathon, held in Medley, AB, August 1. 35 events and 5 PT
CVF AGM (8th Annual) in Alberta, St. Albert Inn.
53 Events, including 4 bikes and 2 swims. 8 PTs including first bike, hosted by St Albert Trekkers
Club founded: Calgary Volksmarch Club 
Club folded: Camrose Clickers
The VAA AGM was held in Innisfail hosted by the Innisfail Volkssport Assoc.
President – Phil Sturges
August 19 – 26.  Jasper to Lake Louse walk organized by Grace Newman.
Clubs founded: Fox Creek Wilderness Volkssport Club, Volkssport Club of Medicine Hat
The VAA AGM was hosted in St Albert by the Trekkers
1996 – 99
President – Grace Newman 
21 YRE and 96 annual events in Alberta.
Club founded: Strathcona Striders
Club folded: Innisfail Volkssport Association
The VAA AGM was held in Wainwright hosted by the Wainwright Walkers
The VAA AGM was held in Devon hosted by that club
Club founded: Chinook Country Pacers
Clubs folded: Buffalo Lake Volkssport Club, Cold Lake Tri-town Wandering Club 
The VAA AGM was held in Redwater hosted by the Gibbons Biped Locomotors
President – Bob Duncan 
The VAA AGM was held in St Albert hosted by that club
Millennium Mountain Meander, June 17 – 24, Lake Louise to Jasper organized by Bob and Billie Collins.
34 YRE, 117 annual events.
The VAA AGM was held in Calgary hosted by  the Calgary Volkssport Club
Club founded: Hinton Hikers 
Club folded: Strathcona Striders 
The VAA AGM was hosted in Medicine Hat by that club
Medicine Hat hosted the CVF AGM with the help of the other Alberta clubs
Club founded: Lake Isle Pacers
Club folded: Wainwright Walkers
The VAA AGM was hosted in St Albert by that club
President – Myrna O’Neil 
Club folded: Gibbons Biped Locomotors 
The VAA hosted their AGM in Red Deer
20 Years of Volkssport in Alberta celebrated.
The VAA hosted their AGM in Innisfail
President – Richard Parr
Club folded: Calgary Volksmarch Club 
The VAA AGM was held in St Albert hosted by that club
VAA and Alberta clubs host the CVF AGM in Edmonton.
Clubs folded: Hinton Hikers, Lake Isle Pacers 
The VAA AGM was held by the Chinook Country Pacers in Cardston
The VAA  hosted their AGM in Fort Saskatchewan 
The VAA AGM was hosted in Medicine Hat by that club
President – Kathleen Parr
49 YRE, 82 annual events.
Club folded: Millet Volkssport Club 
The VAA AGM hosted jointly by the Fox Creek and Wetaskiwin clubs in Camrose
25 years of sanctioned walks in Alberta celebrated at the Horse Creek Ranch event, hosted by the Barrhead Walkie Talkie club.
(The first volkssport event in Alberta was held in Barrhead in 1985.)
The VAA AGM was hosted by the St Albert Trekkers in St Albert. 
VAA celebrates 25 years, honorary members recognized see write ups.
VAA AGM hosted by the Wetaskiwin Club in Red Deer 
Wetaskiwin Volkssport Walking Club, celebrates 25th anniversary.
VAA AGM hosted by Devon Discovery Walkers, in Devon, in conjunction with their 20th Anniversary
Barrhead Walkie Talkie Volkssport Club, celebrates 25th anniversary.
St. Albert Trekkers Volkssport Club, celebrates 25th anniversary.
VAA AGM hosted by the Medicine Hat Club in Medicine Hat. 
President – David Hall
65 YRE/Seasonals, 71 annual events
VAA AGM hosted by the Wetaskiwin Club in Camrose
CVF AGM in Banff hosted by St. Albert Trekkers with assistance of other Alberta clubs
Club folded: Fox Creek Wilderness Volkssport Club
VAA AGM hosted by the Barrhead Walkie Talkie Volkssport Club at Horse Creek Ranch, plus 30 Years of Volkssport walking in Alberta celebrated.
62 PTs (formerly YRE/Seasonals), 82 events
68 PTs, 75 events 
VAA AGM hosted by the St Albert Trekkers in Hinton
New club formed in Red Deer – Volkssport Walkers of Central Alberta
67 PTs, 87 events
VAA AGM hosted by the VAA in Cochrane
President – Glenda Palmer
67 PTs, 69 events, 118 including the scheduled group PTs
VAA AGM hosted in Red Deer by the Volkssport Walkers of Central Alberta
Wetaskiwin Volkssport Club changed their name to Northern Lights Walking Club
2019 – Present
President – Sharon Tchir
71 PTs, 67 events, plus 28 scheduled PTs in the printed calendar and many more added as the weather dictates.
VAA AGM hosted in Stony Plain by the Devon Discovery Walkers
74 PTs, 58 events plus 23 scheduled PTs in the printed calendar many of which weren’t held due to the Covid-19, including the AGM.
Devon Discovery Walkers changed their name to Parkland Walkers