This award is given out annually since 1999 to the volkssporter(s) contributing an outstanding amount to volkssport within Alberta.
It was first awarded in 1991.
The dating system was changed in 2008 to more closely reflect the long term contribution these individuals have all given.

YEARHONOREES – Club (at time)
1991Phil Sturges – St Albert
Bob Pass – St Albert
Rick Shaw – St Albert
1998-99Jock Archer – Gibbons
1999-2000Grace Newman – St Albert
2000-01Phil Sturges – St Albert
2001-02Wayne Donner – Medicine Hat
2002-03Myrna O’Neil – St Albert
2003-04Helen & Jim Rousseau – St Albert
2004-05Irene Miller – Devon
2005-06Evelyn Rogers – Fox Creek
2006-07Billie & Bob Collins – Devon
2008Sherri McDonald – Cardston
2009Edna McKelvie – Medicine Hat
Kathleen Parr – St Albert
2010Phyllis May – St Albert
2011Pauline Mann – Medicine Hat
Richard Parr – St Albert
2012Dan & Bernie Weatherbee – Medicine Hat
2013David Hall – St Albert
2014Peter & Sonja Van Bostelen – St Albert
2015Margaret & Jeff Attrill – Barrhead
2016Alda Watchorn – Wetaskiwin
2017Sharon Tchir – St Albert
2018Denise Wallbank – Medicine Hat
2019Gerry Vercammen – St Albert
2020Not awarded
2021Robert and Diane Duncan – Parkland
2022Lorna Allen – St Albert